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UMG503 Universal Measuring Device

The UMG503 is a universal measuring device, which is suitable for measurement, storage and supervision of electrical quantities in low and medium voltage networks. The measurement is laid out for 1 and 3 phase systems with or without neutral conductor (option). One of its main features is the high accuracy class, compact design and the measurement of the harmonic voltages and currents in each outer conductor. The UMG503 is an amperemeter, voltmeter, voltmeter-change over, power meter (kW, kVA, kVAr cos), real and reactive work for four tariffs (consumption/supply), harmonic analyser and measurement transformer, clock, etc all in one unit and due to this the costs for the project, installation, wiring and storage are much lower.

Measuring Value Indication

The easy to read LCD data field in combination with the function keys, informs the user about the selected measured values (actual /lowest /highest /mean values). With the UMG503 you can indicate 3 measured values in the display and create 150 data fields individually via the supplied software PSW503.


The programming and evaluation software PSW 503 is included in the contents of delivery. For online measured value collection, the visualisation and evaluation software AWS 485 Win is available separately.

UMG503 Universal Measuring Device

Standard Features

Harmonic wave measurement 2nd - 20th harmonic. Current and Voltage

Voltage input:
L-N 50 - 500v
L-L 80 - 870v

Current input 1A or 5A

Analogue output for all values 0/4 - 20 m

Frequency input 45 - 65 Hz

kWh and kVAh counter

Accuracy +/- 0.5%

Infra-red IrDA interface for laptops

RS232/485 MODBUS 0 - 255 addresses

PROFIBUS DP protocol 0 - 126 addresses

Four counting meters measuring kWh and kVAh in different time zones

Mean values of power

Technical Data

Protection class: III Auxiliary voltage: 1
Pollution degree: 2 Voltage measurement: L-N 50 to 500 V 50/60 Hz
L-L 80 to 870 V 50/60 Hz
Ambient temperature: -10° C to + 50° C Current measurement: 5A (1A)
Storage temperature: -20° C to + 60° C Minimum working current: 5 mA
Mounting position: any Protection class: Front IP 50 Back IP 20
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