BPC TS25H2 TS50H2 TS75H2 TS100H2 TS300H2
TS50 TS100 TS300
Power data
URMS max mains 440V 440V 525V 525V 800V 440/760V 440/760V 440/760V
URMS max. capacitor 525V 525V 525V 525V 800V 525V 525V 525V
Rated current IRMS 37A 72,5A 109A 145A 250A 42A 84A 250A
Max. mean on state
current IRMS
50A 100A 145A 193A 300A 55A 115A 300A
Discharging of capacitors Discharging resistors
Switch-in repetition typical 20ms
Switched phases 2, half controlled (figure A) 3, full controlled (figure B, C)
Firing unit
Auxiliary voltage from mains-voltage 230/400V +10% - 20% 50/60Hz
Consumption max. 9VA
Control voltage 8 – 30V DC
Control consumption 2mA at 12V DC
DC-supply for
external applications
not available 12 V DC, 50 mA
Switching-off at
available not available available
Common data
Dimensions HxWxD / mm 200x160x210 240x270x185 440x215x225 170x170x230 240x270x185 461x253x217
Weight / kg 5,0 8,0 15,0 5,0 8,0 15,0
Cooling AN, natural AF, forced AN, natural AF, forced
Protection class IP 00
Humidity 10 – 95% without moisture condensation!
Max. altitude above
sealevel for max. current:
1000 m NN
Max. ambient temperature
for max. current:
+ 45˚C
Max. ambient temperature
with reduced current:
+ 65˚C
Min. ambient temperature: - 10˚C